West Barnley, Eggleston
Barnard Castle, DL12 0DS

Next Show Saturday 21st September 2013

Deadline for entries Sat 08th September 2012

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Adults �00

Children under 15

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Public Car Park Free

The 137th annual Eggleston Show takes place on Saturday 15th September 2012.

Facilities include refreshments, toilets, licensed bar, show luncheon

Why you should come to Eggleston Show

If you have never been on an agricultural show then you have missed something so you should consider going to one. And is there a better one out there than the Eggleston Show - many would say not, and so do we say. On such a show it is usual to present all kinds of stock and animals, but also flowers, vegetables and everything a farmer can do with his hands and the land. What people draws the most are the horses, and they can be found in every shape, breed and size, from small ponies to big pureblood ones. You can even find little baby goats there, sheep and all kinds of cattle, so it is also a great place for children.

Each year the most awaited event and part of the Eggleston Show is the annual horse race and horse presenting, which happens on the end of the day. This event is also great for photographers, because they get chances to take pictures of interesting animals, and they are the better ones, because the farmers want only to show the best they have.

An amazing event

Meeting people is also quite interesting, especially talking to the farmers and hearing their experiences and stories about their cattle. Most of the horses have their own stories, how they became good and what kind of sport they are best at. Although you won't find there any escorts like those from, there will be still some beautiful women, so stay 'till later when the flirt hour starts. To prove that everything is about horses at the Eggleston Show, we will also mention the pony sports that have become tradition with time. They are a collection of interesting sport events that include ponies, but don't worry because they can carry almost the same as the big ones, so if you see a grown man or woman riding them, it is totally normal. Also harness racing is a thing at the Eggleston Show, where the horses are connected to a two - wheeled cart that is usually called a sulky. One man or woman stands at that sulky and makes the horse pull it as fast as it can. This can get quite interesting and enjoyable to watch.

If the horses do not take your breath away then the sheepdog trials, also known as herding events, will make you amazed. The dogs, one dog at a time, will first look the sheep in their eyes, it looks like they are staring at them, then they will run around their group and try to move them to a certain place. This is a very competitive sport, so you will see the farmers being quite proud at their dogs, once they do everything well.

There you can also buy animals or plants and flowers or even escorts from, pet dogs are every year's favorites and people come here just to get a puppy. Even if you don't buy anything you will take home nice memories from the Eggleston Show, see some interesting sports that can't be seen that often and meet new people. You will want to go the next year again, that is for sure!